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Journey League Week 3 – More Painting

I have virtually no progress painting my Circle for the Journeyman League. I’ve also made almost no progress playing in the league either, I think I’ll end up missing two whole weeks of games, maybe more. Partly that’s because I was finishing commissions and working on a project for the Pressganger Spring Mini Exchange but also because I was (and still am) looking for a color scheme I can really get behind. This picture is still a step or two behind where I am currently, I made the armor less green, made the skin redder and picked out more details. I think the yellow leather/cloak helps, but I can’t really get into the scheme with no strong colors (red/blue/white) like the normal armies I paint.


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Infinity Musings – Guest Post!

Bad Dad Gaming’s first ever guest post! Local player and friend John has written up this great summary of tips and tricks for new Infinity players (of which I am one) and when I saw it I asked him if I could share it. Here we go:


One of the guys I know who is relatively new to Infinity has been
recently frustrated with his lack of success, and asked me to give him
some general advice. He is certainly not new to miniatures wargaming,
nor is he inept at other wargames like WarmaHordes (he’s definitely
beaten up on me and other non-trivial opponents in that arena).
Infinity, however, is a very different game. I love it because it’s
fast, fatal, and relatively realistic (IMO). The things I love about
infinity can also make it a challenge to learn, especially when
frustration sets in. I have attempted to write down some of what I’ve
learned playing Infinity since it came to the US (~5 years ago, though
I did take a break in the middle when I had no one to play with).

Setting up

Good terrain is important to the game, as I’m sure everyone who’s
played it has found out. Keeping the number of firelanes low,
providing lots of cover, etc. makes for a much more interesting and
less “My camo multi-sniper on the roof kills your whole army.”
Scenarios other than “Pound the other guy until he’s dead” also make
it a much more interesting challenge (especially after you’ve played a
few games and gotten a hang of the rules, or have been frustrated
repeatedly by one tactic), and I will be promoting them at the next
Infinity day, whenever that ends up happening (and by promoting I mean
bringing multiple copies of the rules for them, perhaps demoing one
between experienced players, and playing with them in my own games).

Cover is your friend

-3 to hit/+3 ARM is the best bonus you can get without paying lots of
points. Try not to get shot when you’re out of cover, and weigh the
benefits of shooting when not in cover very carefully (when you’re in
the active turn, you should be shooting from cover the vast majority
of the time).

He who owns the firelanes owns the game

Controlling the existing firelanes is crucial to controlling the board
and the game. When you control the firelanes, you can advance and take
the battle to your opponent. When your opponent controls them, you’re
stuck until you can wrest that control from him. Even on very terrain-
dense battlefields, there are likely to be one or two long firelanes
that will likely be important to the game. In order to control a
firelane, you need good ARO weapons and you need to find and then use
the best defensive position along those lanes. To prevent your
opponent from locking you down by controlling the firelanes, you need
to have models with the speed and equipment to flank whatever they
have covering the lane (camo, especially combat camo, is great for
this, as are cheap CC specialists with smoke).

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

Literally: Cheap chainrifle/smoke grenade CC specialists and
impersonators should try to slice people with their swords, but
otherwise CC is VERY situational. Remember that in CC you only get one
shot, and that most of your defensive measures (camo, cover, etc.)
don’t work. Just think before you go charging in with anyone with a
weapon with more than burst one.

Or figuratively: Don’t shoot a camo multi-sniper from 18” with your
combi-rifle! Rather, close to <12” and suddenly your odds go up
astronomically. Much of Infinity, in my experience, is about getting
the better shot. Stack your bonuses and your opponent’s penalties. Do
the math in your head before playing it out on the table. Try to roll
as many dice as you can, because that can make up for a lower hit
percentage. Don’t underestimate the power of a lowly rifle or combi-
rifle on your active turn.

Don’t be afraid to hide, especially if your opponent has the first

Nothing is worse than losing important models because you wanted to
get an ARO with them and instead got them destroyed before you even
had a turn.  If you’re going second, deploy second, so that you can
pick the places where your AROs will be valuable and where your models
should just hide and wait for their active turn. On a related note,
don’t ARO with a camo marker unless you have a good/great chance to
get the kill. Combat camo is so valuable, and it only works in the
active turn. Make your opponent spend orders to discover you. I
learned this lesson the hard way, and it had to get beaten into my
head repeatedly before I really learned it.

The order reserve is very important

I’m sure you know this already, but it bears repeating. You can only
do as much as the orders in your pool allow you to do. 10 cheap models
vs. 5 expensive ones have the advantage because of their flexibility
and activatability (not a word, I know). This is obviously a high
level of abstraction, but I’ve seen it play out on the table.

And so is your list

Don’t take this to mean that Model Y is worthless or that you must
bring Model Y. But each list you create will play differently,
potentially very differently. Some people like to play a certain way,
and have trouble adjusting their playstyle to the tools they have at
hand. Try thinking about what you like to do when you play Infinity
and build a list that is focused on doing that. Alternatively, draft a
list that contains tools to cover most of the bases and takes
advantage of your faction’s strengths and then learn how that list
works well. Some basic categories of model that I usually try to
include when creating a list (remember that I only play Pan-O and
Ariadna, including the sectorials, and that all of these categories
can be covered by something completely different if perhaps not quite
as well):
A long-ranged support weapon (HMG or sniper usually, though spitfires
can fill this role sometimes)
An infiltrator (helps to control the board)
Camo of some sort (often 1 model fills this category and one of
previous ones)
Multiple models that could be the Lt (unless you have a Chain of
Command guy, or your Lt is so ridiculously expensive/hard to kill that
if he dies you’ve already lost, like the Avatar)
Something with MSV or that can otherwise handle camo (like cheap
flamethrowers and chain rifles)
6+ orders in 150, 8+ in 200, otherwise I try to get to 10 (this really
depends on the faction, though I don’t think I would ever go below 5
at 150 or 7 in 200)

I hope this helps some of you new players think about their game plans
and tactics. The Infinity forums are also a great resource, and the
community there is very helpful.


Thanks John for the contribution! If you have any questions leave a comment here and we’ll make sure to respond! If you liked this, wait until we start doing our Risk Legacy Campaign reports!

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Journeyman League – Painting Progress – Week 1

So as previously mentioned we’re running a Journeyman League at the local game store (Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie MD) and I had chosen Circle.

Part of the reason I chose Circle was because I wanted to finally get motivated to paint up the all-Tharn theme force that I’d had sitting in boxes for a year. We started small, just a battlegroup, and are working up to 35 point armies. I think I’ll ultimately take this army to 50 points, and after that, I’m not sure, I might try to sell it, do a fundraiser with it, or if it really grabs me, expand it with other Tharn models.

I am going for a ‘ruined-temple’ themed basing scheme with white armor on the beasts. The Tharn have almost none of the typical circle armor though, so that simplifies things. This is just basecoated colors with an airbrush and a start on the lacquer effect for the armor. We’ll see how much progress I can make this week, next week I have to start on the Bloodtrackers to take this list up to 15 points.



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Infinity Commission – Finished

I was pretty pleased by the way these came out for a tabletop paint job. The color scheme ended up working well, particularly the green/white helmets. Freehanding the white crosses on the robe was difficult because of the flowing cloth dynamics of the models (which are great sculpts. I also think that the armor came out darker than I expected, even with highlighting, but the more I think about it the more it grows on me. The bases were all custom made from apoxie sculpt and leftover bits box stuff, and got a pretty basic paint job. Not nearly as elaborate as the Mercs minis I posted here a few weeks ago, but given how much faster they were to make and paint, I think it was a good tradeoff. Also, there was a bit of a rush this morning, so these are iPhone photos, and the focus isn’t great.

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Journeyman League – Update on First Night

We had our first night of the Journeyman League at Games and Stuff last night and it went very well. I was a little preoccupied with building the new gaming tables that GNS has been working on  in the last week but was still able to get 3 quick games in (since we’re still with basic battlegroups games go VERY fast).

Another player, John, has been summarizing his games here at his blog Tabletop Crusader and, as a relatively new player is exactly the person these leagues are designed to support and promote. Which doesn’t mean that I didn’t kill him dead in our game last night.

These games are the first time I’ve ever played Kromac, I picked my list and faction specifically to motivate a long-standing painting project, not because I’m convinced my choices are particularly competitive.

First Game – Vs. Mercs

I’ve played Steve a couple times recently, and his larger Magnus list once. This game was just Magnus, a Rover, Talon and Renegade. The Stalker really out-ranges the Rover, but this was the first time I’d played him so I put the Gorax too far out, and made a poor piece trade for the Stalker (who is good, but not great without the Gorax’s animus). I lost because I had to commit Kromac to combat and got smacked since all my beasts were dead.

Second Game – Vs. Circle

Brad is an experienced player who’s been out of it under Mk 2, or at least not playing in the store much. He brought Baldur and two contructs (including the shooty magic one), again I piece traded the Gorax to get him to commit his force and the Stalker was able to get into Baldur and kill him. This game had actually ended a turn earlier because Brad forgot where the Killbox edge was, but we played it out anyway, because after all, that’s what we’re there for.

Third Game – Vs. Legion

John, as described above, is definitely getting into WM, I’ve seen him at the store a lot recently, mostly with his Menoth. This was according to him the first time he played Hordes at all, and he had picked up the Legion battlebox, not an easy one to start with. pLylyth has a particular play style, and frankly 4 Shedders don’t work super well with her, but it’s a interesting box. I moved up in to a forest and John over-furied on his first turn, two shredders went rapid, one charged about 4 inches in front of the Gorax and the other wrecked the fourth Shredder. He over-committed his Carnivean to spray the Gorax and moved Lylyth up behind to shoot at the Gorax, not doing any damage. Gorax was able to charge past the up front Shredder and hit the Carnivean with Primal up for about 10-12 points of damage and 4 fury. Stalker was able to charge and one-shot the shredder and use sprint to bounce off it into his army, tying up the Carnivean, Lylyth and a shredder in melee. John had to back Lylyth away from the Stalker and shot at Kromac. Unfortunately for John on his turn, if you can shoot Kromac at range 12 he can hit you at range 13, which he did, and a furyless Lylyth was the poorer for it.

Lessons Learned

I miss screening units that let you control the pace of the engagement. Errants, Swordsman, etc are integral to my playstyle. Battlegroup on Battlegroup feels more like whoever mismeasures threat range first loses. There’s no good way to set-up piece trades and it feels a lot more like dancing around terrain or each other. I guess that means I’ll actually learn something in this league about the game. Which is great, because for a long time I’ve been stuck in a list-building rut. Of course, since I’m only going for Kromac’s Tier in this league as a part of the painting project I’ll be pretty limited with what I can take. But it should be interesting.

Looking forward to more games this weekend and finally getting some real paint on these models, I’ll post pics as I go, since I’m going to try a new airbrush technique.

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Risk Legacy Thoughts – Response

I tried to post this at Geekdad, but my firewall hates Disqus:

Very interesting take on this. I’ve been discussing this game with the folks at my local game store and they raised an interesting point. Essentially the claim is that the ‘game’ is the 15-game sequence/campaign. You can keep your copy after that obviously, but that the point of the exercise isn’t so much that you END-UP with a customized board, but rather the ‘quasi-roleplay’ aspect of playing through the campaign with your friends to customize the board. Almost like a mini-D&D campaign, it only really works if you play with the same group each time.

Treat it more like a singular experience of playing through an RPG adventure and less like an updated version of Risk and it might sit better.
Caveat: I say this not having actually played it myself at all, but only having discussed with folks at http://www.gamesandstuffonline.com/ who are embroiled in more than one campaign simultaneously.


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Infinity Commission – Second Test

The client had some good suggestions for improvements on the scheme for these models. Still working on the test. The scheme is roughly based on some Swiss flags and regional colors to tie in with the client’s heritage. I was afraid they’d look a little to christmas-y, but i think having only very small areas of the green helps keep it down. I’ll probably add one area on each arm and the legs just to tie the model together.

Painted all with PP paints. The red is Skorne Red so far and the green is a blend from Ordic Olive through Wurm Green to about 1/2 Wurm 1/2 Morrow White. Painted using the Double ended Brush and some Raphael 8404s.

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Inifinity Test Model

For a commission


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Journeyman League – Circle of Orboros, Kromac

So our local store has started a Journeyman League run by the other area Pressganger. We’re tracking our exploits here. I’ll be posting occasionally to keep this blog up to date as well.

I’ve been interested by the Tharn models in the Circle army for a long time, not because I play Circle (I don’t) but I just think they’re really great models with a lot of personality and as a painter, a really interesting challenge to make them interesting while staying in the ‘mostly brown’ color scheme. I started a single model as a display piece last year but never finished it beyond table-top quality and never mounted it on a display base.

Instead I used Pressganger points and ordered up a whole Kromac Tier 4 army list (save for the Ghettorix model that hasn’t been release yet). I’ll build it out slowly as part of this Journeyman League. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve never actually beaten Kromac over like 4 games in the last year, so he’s a personal challenge for me. Here are the pics of my just getting started, you can see the initial scenic bases that I built out for the army, I’ll be building all the bases custom going forward in the same style.

The idea is to have the contrast between the brown of the models with white ruins and green/flower vegetation. There are a lot of good source pictures and inspirational pictures I’ve found online, I’ve included some of them.

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COLOSSALS! – Amazing!


That’s all I needed to say at this point. I’m really looking forward to seeing these.

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