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Morrowan Army Commission Finished

I finished painting the Morrowan Army Comission I previously posted about here over the weekend. I actually finished the models while at our local store’s Foodmachine event. If you don’t know what Foodmachine is, the short version is that it’s an opportunity for players to cheat in a Warmachine tournament in exchange for donating cans of food to a local charity here in the Baltimore area. We raised over $400 dollars for the North County Emergency Outreach Network in Anne Arundel County.

Anyway, the commission was finished:

You can see here the fall basing scheme I used. I really like this scheme, I think the bright colors work well against the white of the model (I also used this scheme for some Retribution models I painted earlier in the year) while giving visual interest and not overwhelming the model. This is frankly a pretty basic paint job, typical of the commission level work I’ve been doing. You get blended colors, highlighting and shading but not a lot of freehand or elaborate detailing.

One of the most important things to remember when painting for anything, either your own models or for commission is that there are levels of painting. You can paint fast and sloppy and use quick techniques to get models just on the table with color, or you can spend hours and hours working every detail and blend in a model to perfection. Obviously there’s some limiting factor in the actual mechanical skill of the painter too, some people are extremely fast and their work looks great, others are slow and still look to improve their models.

What’s important is that you work at a pace and to a finish that you can achieve and that satisfies you. Or pay somebody like me to paint your stuff for you.

Here’s the completed Gun Mage UA. You can see the white blending and the basing scheme a little better in this photo.

I’m also finally using a light box, but it’s a work in progress and I’ll be continuing to improve the photos for this blog. I have to also figure out how to do some image editing to improve the photos without distorting the paint job too much. There are a lot of good tutorials out there on this subject, Here and Here are good places to start.

I’ll do another post showing how I built my light box and how I plan to improve it soon.


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