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Kids and Gaming – Second Opinion

Speaking as somebody whose 10-month old dropped a Destroyer on the ground today and broke the axe I think this article is very timely. Also, the first picture is awesome.

At the moment Jack’s favorite game is, “Can I Fit This in My Mouth!” which he’s getting very good at. Hopefully he’ll move on from there to other things, like, “Can I Put This Space Marine in My Mouth”, and “Can I Get This Space Marine Out of My Mouth”.

There was another article at Simple Dollar¬†that raised the question of, “How do I teach my child Chess”. Basically the advice was start with a limited number of pieces and work up from there. ¬†Interestingly this is the same strategy for teach Warmachine and Hordes that we use in the Pressgang. Teach the Battlebox, or even just the Jacks at first and then add units, more complex rules (arcing, power attacks etc). I’m looking forward to teaching Jack all these games, or at least trying to. Of course, if he’s into soccer then we’ll figure that out too.

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