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Painting Class Project – pNemo 2010 – Part 2

See Part 1 HERE.

As I said I am trying to follow along with the same model the many of our local players and painters got a chance to work with over the last weekend. When I left the model on Tuesday I had only completed the body of the cloak. Since then I have made a lot of progress, which I’ll try to lay out here, mostly with pictures…many pictures.

First thing I did was try to work on the other cloth, the cloak trim and the shirt under Nemo’s armor. I choose to go with a warm grey color since I knew I would be doing the armor in a cold blue. The base color was Ironhull Grey with a little Bloodstone mixed in, using Trollblood highlight to build the highlights and umbral umber to do the shading. Of the two grey, I think Ironhull is ‘warmer’ than Greatcoat Grey, but then I’m partially colorblind, so what do I know.

This next photo was where I decided to stop on the cloak. I could still play with the under-arm cloth, but haven’t yet. Also you’ll see in this picture I’ve undercoated the gold parts with Bloodstone I did this to try to give the metallic gold a richer color later, but as the painting progressed I actually started to do a Non-Metallic Metal, since it’s a technique I don’t know well and would like to learn! This was one situation where the zenithal priming actually really helped, since the thin bloodstone let the white primer show through and gave a sense of the reflections just to start.

After that was the blue armor, here’s the¬†sequence¬†starting with the basecoat and getting up to the final highlight. The transition is from Coal Black – Cygnar Base – Frostbite – Morrow White.

At this point I’d been looking at the gold basecoat and decided I’d try NMM. I went with a transition from Bloodstone – Rucksack – Sulfiric Yellow – Menoth white highlight – morrow white.

I’m still learning how to do this, and frankly still need help/advice on how to make the effect pop as real. I think I’m okay on the small areas, because the spot highlights on the little divots sell the effect, but the large part of the backpack sticking out needs work. Somewhere in here I also decided the gloves needed to be the same color as the undershirt and cloak trim.

Here’s the state of the model as I left it this morning. Advice, comments, criticism welcome!

Thanks for reading!

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