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Commission – Firestorm Armada and Naval Games

Once upon a time I was interested in the Spartan Games game Dystopian Wars and I bought and painted a whole German fleet. I even went through the trouble of finding the historically accurate (for the time period) German naval colors and using those. I liked the models and the painting but never got to play the game and subsequently sold the models on to a better home.

I enjoyed the painting, and the setting, on paper, is pretty cool. More to the point, I’d been interested in the IDEA of a naval combat game for a while, I’d looked at Firestorm Armada pretty closely but never bought in, due to a lack of local players. Also none of the factions really grabbed me, though the Sorylians were the most visually interesting.

I have recently however been commissioned by a friend to work on his fleet of mercenaries (or what I think are pirate/mercs in the game). Maybe this will be the impetus to actual invest in the game a little, though I feel like it’d be one of those games where I’d have to own two armies to ever get any play, because I only know one other person (my client) who even has the models.

Here’s a WIP shot of the ships I’m working on, this is just a basecoat, the initial fade on the hull color and a wash to get a sense of highlights. Ultimately these will only be table-top quality, so we’re looking at adding lighting effects, highlights, cleaning up the wash etc but not going overboard on the details.

Andrew, feel free to comment here or shoot me an email with any notes on these.

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