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New Project – 54mm Andrea Miniature

So, taking a cue from Massive Voodoo I’ve decided to try something new, more elaborate and hopefully a little more creative. I’ve never tried to paint anything in 54mm scale before, even though warjacks and beasts are clearly larger than a 54mm human. The new challenge inspired me to try a more detailed and extensive base, which you can see here I just finished last night. I still think that I want to add details to the base, maybe some small creatures or a little more narrative about the model, but so far I’m pretty pleased. I definitely intend to do it up in a winter/snow theme, so even though there will be a lot of texture to the base, there will also be a lot hidden.

I’ve always been really impressed and inspired by the Massive Voodoo work, particularly here and here, and I hope I can carry some of that into this model.


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