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Morrowan Commission – Caster and Knights

Here is the second wave of the Morrowan Army commission I’ve been working on for my friend Ryan. I was particularly pleased with the way the skin tone and faces came out on this group. I used as a reference (and actually followed pretty closely) the skin technique that is in the Cygnar Army Book and in the recent No Quarter with the Constance Blase painting masterclass. There are like 8 steps to the skin in those tutorials, and I actually followed them, so clearly those studio painters know what they’re talking about. Normally I take a much faster approach and just wash a flesh tone with GW washes (usually Gryphonne Sepia).

Also, you’ll see the photos change half way though, that’s because I’m still experimenting with camera settings for my photo booth, I think I need to split the difference between the too bright and too dark photos in this series.

Let me know what you think.

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