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Archive | January, 2012

Storm Strider Conversion Article – PP Main Page!

The Storm Strider conversion that I did a few months ago made it to the main page for Privateer Press! http://privateerpress.com/community/privateer-insider/insider-1-30-2012.

That’s awesome!

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Painting Table Update – Commissions

Well, having finished my Mercs and gotten some Legion of Everblight painted I’m back with a couple more commissions. This time I’m finished up Ryan’s Cygnar/Mercenaries/Morrow army and a totally new project for me, some Infinity models for Kyle.

I spent last week doing the assembly and the custom bases for both armies. The Infinity is on a slightly simplified version of the urban rubble bases I did for my Mercs force. The Cygnar is continuing the pine bark rocks and autumn forest theme I’ve showed here before.




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Wargaming and Kids

Found this really interesting article today on Wargaming Tradecraft, one of the many gaming blogs that I follow. Eventually I’ll put up a blog roll, but until then, I’ll just link to stuff like this occasionally.

With Jack only being 8 months old I’m not really dealing with these issues yet, but I think/hope there will be a time when he wonders about, “Daddy’s toys” and wants to learn to play or hobby or something more than just trying to put Space Marines in his mouth. He’s allowed to eat the Space Marines, nobody likes them, but Warmachine figures are still under lock and key.

I have friends with kids that are 3 years old-ish, and they’re just getting into board games. What’s most interesting to me is that some parents haven’t gotten beyond Chutes and Ladders and Candyland to find the broader universe of games, while others, mostly from my Warmachine gaming group, have already taught their kids all kids of more ‘advanced’ games, and let them watch  when we play stuff that even confuses me, like Agricola!

A great site for those more game-y games for kids has been Father Geek, particularly the reviews, where you can get a real sense of what his kids have enjoyed. I only hope Jack lets me turn him into a little geekling too. This is about as far as we’ve gotten:

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Double Ended Brushes – So Easy a Baby Can Use It!

The first customer!

BUY 1 Brush for $15.00
$2.00 Shipping
BUY 3 Brushes for $40.00
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Double-Ended Brushes – IN STOCK AND FOR SALE!

I have been developing a new paintbrush for blending and general use that aims to solve some of the problems that a lot of painters have with any two-brush technique, namely that you have to HOLD two brushes, or you’re constantly picking up and putting down brushes, or putting them in your mouth to hold.

If that’s ever been you, this new brush will solve your problems.

This brush is a high-quality Kolinsky Sable (the finest natural hairs for painting) brush equivalent to a Windsor Newton Series 7 or Raphael 8404, but instead of getting one brush for $10-12 dollars you get a brush on both ends for only $15 (a savings of 25% versus buying two brushes). The BIGGEST advantage to having a double-ended brush is that you can focus on painting, and less on holding your brushes and taking your attention from the miniature.

It means that if you can twirl a pen in your fingers you can have the convenience of two colors, two brushes and super-easy blending techniques in a convenient, affordable package. I’ll be working on some youtube tutorial videos for these brushes, but if you’ve ever struggled with two brushes you can see immediately the advantage to this design.

I’ll also be looking to expand the product line soon. Right now the two brushes are the same size on each brush, roughly a #1 size, but eventually there will be both smaller and larger brushes, as well as the potential to have brushes of different sizes on the same handle.


UPDATE: Featured Review on Hand Cannon Online! Thanks Ghool!


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Mercs – CCC Army Completed

One of my more recent painting projects that might turn into a game we play has been to work on a MERCS faction, specifically the CCC. I was very impressed with the models when I saw them last year at Templecon, but wasn’t able to get a game in that weekend. I’ve never actually played the game, but even if I don’t, I wanted to try a small sci-fi army like this before I dive into my (as yet unassembled) Infinity models.

I spent a lot of time on these custom ruined city bases initially and I’m glad that they came out as well as they did once the models were completed.

Now I just need to find somebody to play

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Morrowan Commission – Caster and Knights

Here is the second wave of the Morrowan Army commission I’ve been working on for my friend Ryan. I was particularly pleased with the way the skin tone and faces came out on this group. I used as a reference (and actually followed pretty closely) the skin technique that is in the Cygnar Army Book and in the recent No Quarter with the Constance Blase painting masterclass. There are like 8 steps to the skin in those tutorials, and I actually followed them, so clearly those studio painters know what they’re talking about. Normally I take a much faster approach and just wash a flesh tone with GW washes (usually Gryphonne Sepia).

Also, you’ll see the photos change half way though, that’s because I’m still experimenting with camera settings for my photo booth, I think I need to split the difference between the too bright and too dark photos in this series.

Let me know what you think.

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Deathjack – Commission

Here are two pictures of my recently completed Deathjack for a client.

These pictures are a little more washed out that I was planning, the model is not nearly as pastel as it looks. Still have to figure out how to color correct these pictures.

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Bile Thralls – Airbrush

So I did a unit of Bile Thralls and Bane Thralls for a friend a while ago, but there was recently an article on Hand Cannon Online about painting these guys and I wanted to chime in. I found these little guys really fun to paint, and it was the first time I’d ever used my airbrush (which I’d had for over a year) to do anything other than basecoat.

I don’t have as many step-by-step pictures as the linked tutorial, but the end result is much the same, though I used slightly less intense colors.

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Random Retribution Mini – Commission

Here’s a picture of one of my favorite Retribution minis which I painted last year for a client as part of a HUGE Retribution commission. I really like the way the color blending on the cloak came out, working on the two brush technique for blending was one of my major accomplishments last year. Unfortunately this picture was taken well before I had my light box set up and this is the only picture I have unless I take the model back from the client.

I think it’s very important that I try to constantly challenge myself to improve painting, either with new techniques, or materials or simply by expanding the repertoire of what I’m comfortable painting.

Also important…finishing projects I start…I’ll take a picture of my “WIP” shelf so you can see what I mean.


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