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Archive | December, 2011

Menoth Rebasing Project

This is what this project feels like.

So I have about 250 points of Menoth all fully painted and based and good to go. Why would I want to go through the exercise and brain damage of rebasing them? Other than penance for some hobby related sin.

The reason reason though is that I accumulated these models over the last several years, and my painting and basing skills have evolved, stuff I did originally is showing it’s age, and while the overall paint scheme has stayed the same (though the techniques have improved), the basing scheme has changed dramatically over the same 3 year period.

I started this army with just sand and glue bases, and 90% of it is still that way. Literally just white glue, sand and beige paint. The problem with this was that some times I’d base after priming, sometimes I’d base before, sometimes I’d use one kind of sand, other times it’d be something completely different. While everything looks similar the bases don’t all look like they’re occupying the same terrain. There’s no narrative tie across the army, other than that every figure is in a vaguely ‘deserty’ place.

Since finishing the Vessel of Judgment I’ve decided that the ‘bark-liquitex-foliage’ base technique that I’ve been developing will work great for my Menoth and really make the models pop. I’ve started already with some solos and casters. I’ll probably move through the army while I’m between projects or looking for a little diversion project while working on larger commissions. Here you can see the two Knight Errant Seneschel Solos I’ve finished. Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of casters and jacks using this technique.


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Photo Gallery: Vessel of Judgment 2

Completed VoJ as promised


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Photo Gallery: Vessel of Judgment

Here is a photo gallery for my construction and painting of the Vessel of Judgment Battle Engine. This is a great model, much more impressive in person than in the design I think, and a generally pleasant painting project, though there are a lot of details. You can see how I started down the path with one base, generally trying to make it very imposing and with a large rock promontory. I ended up with a more reserved basing that stayed ‘within the lines’ of the base. This was more for practical reasons since the first base wouldn’t have fit in my army bag and can’t be transported easily. While all the Battle Engines present some problems for transport if you at least stay within the boundary of the base you can use a CD spindle (the 100-count ones) to transport them, since the 100mm diameter base is the same size as a CD.

Unpacking initial box, starting assembly.

The model comes in a number of parts, but assembly is very straight-forward and Privateer should be commended for how clean the cast was. This is a very complex model with a huge amount of surface texture and detail, and the cast I got was pretty much perfect, with only a few significant pieces of flash and venting and one area of miscast which was pretty easily fixed.

Color and foliage samples for new Menoth basing.

Because I don’t have enough other projects I’m slowly undertaking to rebase all my Menoth models (about 200 models) to be consistent with the scheme shown on these bases. Fortunately I decided to do this BEFORE working on the Vessel, so the base for it I only had to do once (so I thought).

Testing positioning for initial base design.

With the HUGE bases that the Battle Engines come on I think you need to have something going on, there needs to be both visual interest and some variation across the base. This is maybe less of an issue for the Vessel and Khador Gun Carriage since they take up a significant portion of the base, but for the Storm Strider and the Wraith Engine there are a lot of modelling opportunities to be exploited.

Design of first base, materials clear. Size apparent.

After the test above I decided that the Vessel needed a really impressive base, and that the whole model would look better if the penitent dragging the engine around was farther forward. To accomplish this I built the base above with a large rock jutting out and a slope on the side to add visual interest. To build this base I used pink foam (actually light green in this example), pine bark mulch for rocks and my new favorite cheat, Liquitex Black Lava Medium to create the sand texture.

Paint in process on first base. Bloodstone and Ironhull Grey

The colors for this basing scheme are pretty simple – Bloodstone base on the ground, Ironhull Grey on the rocks, then two highlights, Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight to pick up the details and texture of the ground and the dusty edges of the rocks. I actually use a color called “Iraqi Sand” from the Vallejo line in place of the Menoth White Base if I can find it, but either will work.

Color match for first base.

The colors should match, and they do.

Test on first base attempt.

Here you can see the scale of the base I built. I liked this, but as noted above, decided after finishing the base to consider the practical implications of transport and storage. This prompted me to work on different base, seen below.

New base before painting, can see the bark and the Liquitex clearly

This is base version 2.0, which is much smaller and stays inside the overall huge base. This was important for transport.

Final Position of VoJ on new Base

Positioning test on the new base, I liked the rock in the front and since it’s the same size as the underlying base I know the penitent will fit.

Materials used for base

I’ll post a final picture tomorrow, but you can see here the materials I used, the sample/design test base and the Vessel in its nearly completed state on the new base.

Look for the final pics tomorrow and you’ll see how a plan comes together!

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