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Storm Strider Conversion Article – PP Main Page!

The Storm Strider conversion that I did a few months ago made it to the main page for Privateer Press! http://privateerpress.com/community/privateer-insider/insider-1-30-2012.

That’s awesome!

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Painting Table Update – Commissions

Well, having finished my Mercs and gotten some Legion of Everblight painted I’m back with a couple more commissions. This time I’m finished up Ryan’s Cygnar/Mercenaries/Morrow army and a totally new project for me, some Infinity models for Kyle.

I spent last week doing the assembly and the custom bases for both armies. The Infinity is on a slightly simplified version of the urban rubble bases I did for my Mercs force. The Cygnar is continuing the pine bark rocks and autumn forest theme I’ve showed here before.




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Fireball for Circle Battle Engine

Somebody in our group mentioned that after the Storm Strider Conversion project we should try to add fire shooting to the Circle Battle engine, since it has attacks for a number of different element types. If a person was going to do this…and I not saying we will…it seems like this device: Fireball Shooter would be the best way to go.

Probably not many people would appreciate it though if you lit their models on fire.

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Morrowan Army Commission

A friend down at the local game store asked me to work on his Morrowan Army for him. I was definitely looking forward to this, since I’d not worked on any Merc jacks before and other than a huge Retribution commission last summer hadn’t developed a real skill with painting white. We started the commission small, with just a Mule and some Gun Mages (done in a more Morrowan, rather than Cygnar) style.

Here are some initial steps on the Mule, as well as the test model for the Gun Mage color scheme.

At this stage I’ve just blocked in the metallics since they’re the deepest part of the model and the white, since I was most concerned about getting a good base to work from for the white. You can see in this photo where I’ve drilled out the gun barrel. I’ve started to add the drilled out guns to my modelling recently and I think they add a lot to the sense of the model. Even if you don’t paint in a totally photo realistic way (like Massive Voodoo) you can still get a lot of mileage from a few simple techniques.


Here I’ve added the rest of the colors to the model to finish the scheme, though clearly there’s a lot of work to do on shading etc. I’ve chosen for this commission to use a relatively limited overall palette. The base white is Menoth White Highlight, the blue is Cygnar Blue Base, the leather and boots and wood are Gun Corps Brown and the Gun Mage pants and the Warjack hull are Greatcoat/Ironhull Grey.

I find that using a relatively small number of colors helps me in a number of ways: it makes the scheme easier to execute and remember over time as commissions can be long-term; it helps to visually simplify the model; it helps to define the silhouette of the model on the table and finally it helps to define the edges of the model’s various parts. Contrast is key to my sense of a well-painted model, and a limited palette with a light and dark color really helps. There are painters that are much more focused on color theory and composition from an artistic perspective. This article by Ghool at Hand Cannon Online (a much better painter than me) really illustrates the point about contrast: Model Critique.

The client was happy with what he saw here and so I’ve started working up the rest of the Gun Mages and finishing the Mule. I know I promised this before, but I’ll have a light box built soon and hopefully that will improve the pictures.

Next post I may do a basing tutorial, since I’ve worked up a technique I really like for whole army basing.



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Storm Strider Conversion Tutorial

I recently completed a massive conversion project for the new Cygnar model the Storm Strider. I posted about the project here: Tutorial

This is the website for my local store: Games and Stuff

Hope you like it. Feel free to ask questions.

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