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Journey League Week 3 – More Painting

I have virtually no progress painting my Circle for the Journeyman League. I’ve also made almost no progress playing in the league either, I think I’ll end up missing two whole weeks of games, maybe more. Partly that’s because I was finishing commissions and working on a project for the Pressganger Spring Mini Exchange but also because I was (and still am) looking for a color scheme I can really get behind. This picture is still a step or two behind where I am currently, I made the armor less green, made the skin redder and picked out more details. I think the yellow leather/cloak helps, but I can’t really get into the scheme with no strong colors (red/blue/white) like the normal armies I paint.


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Journeyman League – Update on First Night

We had our first night of the Journeyman League at Games and Stuff last night and it went very well. I was a little preoccupied with building the new gaming tables that GNS has been working on  in the last week but was still able to get 3 quick games in (since we’re still with basic battlegroups games go VERY fast).

Another player, John, has been summarizing his games here at his blog Tabletop Crusader and, as a relatively new player is exactly the person these leagues are designed to support and promote. Which doesn’t mean that I didn’t kill him dead in our game last night.

These games are the first time I’ve ever played Kromac, I picked my list and faction specifically to motivate a long-standing painting project, not because I’m convinced my choices are particularly competitive.

First Game – Vs. Mercs

I’ve played Steve a couple times recently, and his larger Magnus list once. This game was just Magnus, a Rover, Talon and Renegade. The Stalker really out-ranges the Rover, but this was the first time I’d played him so I put the Gorax too far out, and made a poor piece trade for the Stalker (who is good, but not great without the Gorax’s animus). I lost because I had to commit Kromac to combat and got smacked since all my beasts were dead.

Second Game – Vs. Circle

Brad is an experienced player who’s been out of it under Mk 2, or at least not playing in the store much. He brought Baldur and two contructs (including the shooty magic one), again I piece traded the Gorax to get him to commit his force and the Stalker was able to get into Baldur and kill him. This game had actually ended a turn earlier because Brad forgot where the Killbox edge was, but we played it out anyway, because after all, that’s what we’re there for.

Third Game – Vs. Legion

John, as described above, is definitely getting into WM, I’ve seen him at the store a lot recently, mostly with his Menoth. This was according to him the first time he played Hordes at all, and he had picked up the Legion battlebox, not an easy one to start with. pLylyth has a particular play style, and frankly 4 Shedders don’t work super well with her, but it’s a interesting box. I moved up in to a forest and John over-furied on his first turn, two shredders went rapid, one charged about 4 inches in front of the Gorax and the other wrecked the fourth Shredder. He over-committed his Carnivean to spray the Gorax and moved Lylyth up behind to shoot at the Gorax, not doing any damage. Gorax was able to charge past the up front Shredder and hit the Carnivean with Primal up for about 10-12 points of damage and 4 fury. Stalker was able to charge and one-shot the shredder and use sprint to bounce off it into his army, tying up the Carnivean, Lylyth and a shredder in melee. John had to back Lylyth away from the Stalker and shot at Kromac. Unfortunately for John on his turn, if you can shoot Kromac at range 12 he can hit you at range 13, which he did, and a furyless Lylyth was the poorer for it.

Lessons Learned

I miss screening units that let you control the pace of the engagement. Errants, Swordsman, etc are integral to my playstyle. Battlegroup on Battlegroup feels more like whoever mismeasures threat range first loses. There’s no good way to set-up piece trades and it feels a lot more like dancing around terrain or each other. I guess that means I’ll actually learn something in this league about the game. Which is great, because for a long time I’ve been stuck in a list-building rut. Of course, since I’m only going for Kromac’s Tier in this league as a part of the painting project I’ll be pretty limited with what I can take. But it should be interesting.

Looking forward to more games this weekend and finally getting some real paint on these models, I’ll post pics as I go, since I’m going to try a new airbrush technique.

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