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Double Ended Brushes Mentioned in PORTAL Magazine!

The Double-ended Brushes were mentioned in issue 20 of Portal Magazine. Very cool to be mentioned in PORTAL and thanks to the guys at Wamp-Forum!

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Storm Strider Conversion Article – PP Main Page!

The Storm Strider conversion that I did a few months ago made it to the main page for Privateer Press! http://privateerpress.com/community/privateer-insider/insider-1-30-2012.

That’s awesome!

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Double Ended Brushes – So Easy a Baby Can Use It!

The first customer!

BUY 1 Brush for $15.00
$2.00 Shipping
BUY 3 Brushes for $40.00
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Double-Ended Brushes – IN STOCK AND FOR SALE!

I have been developing a new paintbrush for blending and general use that aims to solve some of the problems that a lot of painters have with any two-brush technique, namely that you have to HOLD two brushes, or you’re constantly picking up and putting down brushes, or putting them in your mouth to hold.

If that’s ever been you, this new brush will solve your problems.

This brush is a high-quality Kolinsky Sable (the finest natural hairs for painting) brush equivalent to a Windsor Newton Series 7 or Raphael 8404, but instead of getting one brush for $10-12 dollars you get a brush on both ends for only $15 (a savings of 25% versus buying two brushes). The BIGGEST advantage to having a double-ended brush is that you can focus on painting, and less on holding your brushes and taking your attention from the miniature.

It means that if you can twirl a pen in your fingers you can have the convenience of two colors, two brushes and super-easy blending techniques in a convenient, affordable package. I’ll be working on some youtube tutorial videos for these brushes, but if you’ve ever struggled with two brushes you can see immediately the advantage to this design.

I’ll also be looking to expand the product line soon. Right now the two brushes are the same size on each brush, roughly a #1 size, but eventually there will be both smaller and larger brushes, as well as the potential to have brushes of different sizes on the same handle.


UPDATE: Featured Review on Hand Cannon Online! Thanks Ghool!


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Happy New Year!

Hope everybody had a happy New Year and got everything they needed/wanted for the holidays! I took a bit of a break here at BDG, but things are definitely developing. More to come, here’s to a great 2012!

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